About Us Indo-Polish Cultural Friendship Societies

Indo-Polish Cultural Committee (IPCC)

The Indo-Polish Cultural Committee (IPCC) was formed in 2000 with the aim of promoting Indian culture and strengthening the cultural bond among Indians living in Poland and polish people. Since the formation, IPCC has been organising Indian festivals and Indian cultural weeks in Krakow and in other major cities of Poland including Warsaw and Wroclaw. The Committee organises celebrations of major Indian festivals at larger scale in major cities in Poland. During 2017-18, IPCC is scheduled to celebrate Hindi Divas, Holi concerts in various cities, Diwali concert in Warsaw, Krakow and Wroclaw and other promotional activities. The Committee runs regular Hindi classes in Krakow Cultural Centre and supports all 25 Police dance schools of Indian classical and contemporary dances. The Committee delivers lectures/presentation at the local schools & universities on Indian culture also. Mr. Umesh Nautiyal, Hindi Teacher at the Jagiellonian University, is the President of IPCC.

President: Mr. Umesh Nautiyal

Email: unautiyal[at]yahoo[dot]com

Website: www.ipcc.pl/

Indian Association of Poland (IAP)

The Indian Association of Poland (IAP) was founded in 2002 with the aim to promote India and its rich culture in Poland and to be bridge between India and Poland in terms of culture or business. It has a permanent membership of 25 members and represents more than 70 companies. Mr. Pawan Murjani is the President. It celebrates major Indian socio-cultural-religion events, including celebrations at the Hindu temple in Warsaw.

President: Mr. Pawan Murjani

Email: pawan[at]deccan.pl

Facebook: https://www.facebook[dot]com/iap.info/

Mantra Culture & Community Centre (MCCC)

Mantra Cultural and Community Centre was established in 2011 in Gdansk with the aim to cater the demand of interest in India and its culture among the the polish people/Indian community. The centre also organised yoga classes and Hindi language classes regularly. The centre also organised performances of Indian classical dance, exhibitions of Indian paintings. The centre has organised very successful Indian week (Made in India) in the Gdansk University. It also arranges lectures and shows of Indian classical dance for schools. Lectures have been conducted in the Institute of Technology of Gdansk. The centre also participated in different events organised in Malls for the promotion of Bollywood and Indian Culture. It also sponsors Indian snacks etc. during events organised by different groups for promoting India. For the last 3 months, it is regularly showing Bollywood films once a month, which is attracting more and more viewers.

President: Mr. Sunil Ahuja

Email: ankur[at]in-decor.pl

Friends of India in Wroclaw (FIW)

Friends of India in Wroclaw (FIW), which was established five years ago, has become a focus for Indian cultural events and the growing interest amongst Indian community in Wroclaw and Polish people  in India generally. FIW have sponsored a variety of Indian cultural presentations such as concert by Hari Prasad Chaurasia, Geeta Chandran Bharat Natyam, Anu Kapoor, Sharmistha Mukherjee performance, Indian Film festivals, supporting Indian artist in Brave festivals and Brave kids which have been well received by both the Indian and local populations. FIW is also actively organising International Yoga Day and other functions like Diwali, Holi, yoga festival.

FIW also helping Indian community in different matters. FIW is planning to organise festivals of Diwali, Holi, Yoga as well as orientation programme at Wroclaw University of Technology for the new batch of students and Indian Culture Festival and Film Festival with Brave Festival in July 2017 (Brave Festival is a Polish festival being organized since 2005 by Song of the Goat Theatre Association in Wroclaw. Each edition presents concerts, theatre, performances, rituals, prayers and art of the people, tribes, groups or individuals from all over the world)

President: Mr. Kartikey Johri

Email: kartikey.johri[at]masala-grill.pl

Friends of India in Poland in Warsaw (FIPW)

Friends of India in Poland in Warsaw, which was established a few years ago, has the largest Indian community members. FIPW has been active in projecting various facets of Indian culture and has created awareness about India and its culture in the populace. It organises cultural events, Indian festivals – Diwali, Holi etc at large scale. FIPW also facilitates and coordinates celebrations of National Days on 26th January & 15th August. It arranges Indian musical artists from India for their performances in Warsaw. The Group also supports in a major way in celebrations of International Yoga Day in collaboration and coordination with Yoga ambassadors/schools and other organisations in Poland. FIPW regularly hosts Indian artists and cultural troupes. FIPW is committed for its support in organising/supporting for promotion of Indian culture, dance etc all over Warsaw.

President: Mr. J.J. Singh

Email: jjsingh[at]ipcci.pl

Indian Culture and Sport Centre (CKIis)

Indian Culture and Sport Centre was established in 2014 with the aim to promote Indian culture in Poland especially in Warsaw. The centre has been organising Indian dance classes (Bharatanatyam, Bollywood, Chhau, Kathak, Odissi), Hindi classes as well as yoga classes. Since establishment, the Centre has organised more than 90 events of various kinds which were attended by over 5,000 participants. All events were to promote and to spread the knowledge about the Indian culture. The centre has also been organsing carom classes and have organised three Polish Youth Carom Championship.

Ms. Paulina Nowakowska

Email: paulina[at]carrom.pl

Website: www.carrom.pl

India Study Circle (ISC)

The India Study Circle (ISC) was established in 2013 with the aim of promoting Indian History and Literature in Poland for students and teachers who have an interest in India. The emphasis of ISC has been to organise talks, seminars and to publish books on India. ISC has brought a book on Modern India in the Polish language in 2014 which is out of print and is planning to bring out the second edition keeping in view the big demand. ISC has also published a book containing 120 Urdu Ghazals of Surender Bhutani and translated into Polish by by  Janusz Krzyzewski. The second edition of the book was brought out in 2015 and ISC is now planning to bring out its third and enlarged edition. In 2015, the book titled Light on a Dark Past was also published in Polish. ISC has brought out another book in polish language “The Romantic Poetry of the Orient” in 2016 and were included ghazals of Mirza Ghalib, Mir Taqi Mir, Firaq Gorakhpuri, Jan Nissar Akhtar and many more renowned Indian poets of Urdu literature.

ISC is planning to published three more books in Polish language during 2017 to promoe Indian literature and historical studies in Poland. Dr. Surender Bhutani, ICCR’s Visiting Professor at Polish Academy of Sciences is the President of the India Study Circle.

Mr. Surender Bhutani


VACHANA SAMAJA Indo-European Cultural Committee, Poland. (IECCP)

It was founded by Mr.Shivakumar Shekar in the year 2017,

VACHANAS are Indian state of Karnataka’s Kannada language ancient literature came in to existence in 12th century through many enlightened people (Sri Basaveshwara & contemporary Sharanas) who were belonging to different walks of life, vachanas are the essence of life, is a form of rhythmic writing in Kannada, The word vachanas literally means "(that which is) said", These are readily intelligible prose texts, Vachana literature gave importance to women and weaker sections of society, brought awareness to many people about the simplicity of life, There were millions of vachanas, but many of them were lost, luckily we still have hundreds of thousands of vachanas remaining with us.

VACHANAS are all time valuable literature then, now & future, vachanas are translated into more than 23 Indian languages and now it is time to translate into Poland’s Polish language and all other European languages.  VACHANA SAMAJA not merely limited to vachana literature familiarisation, but, also introduce, educate & celebrate Karnataka’s & India’s language, culture, sport, tourism & business etc.,

Founder-President: Mr.Shivakumar Shekar

Email: vachanasamaja.europe[at]gmail[dot]com

Website: www.vachanasamaja-ieccp.blogspot[dot]com