About Us Indo-Lithuania Cultural Friendship Societies

Indian Culture and Information Centre: The centre was established by 5 Students of the Vilnius University’s Oriental Center in 2005 and some of them later became Faculty Members. The Activities mainly revolve around holding Cultural and Information Events within the funds placed by the Embassy of India, Warsaw.

Director: Wg. Cmdr Rajinder Chaudhary, Honorary Consul of India to Lithuania

Email: rajinder.chaudhary@yahoo.com

India-Lithuania Forum: The Forum was established in 2010 during the conference “Lithuania and India: mutually beneficial friendship” organised in Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania, Vilnius. The main objective of the Forum is to emphasize and present to the society the need and possibilities for closer cooperation between Lithuania and India, to gather all the organizations and people who are interested in Lithuania - India partnership in cultural, economic and other perspectives.

President: Mr Vytis Vidunas

Email: vytis.vidunas@oc.vu.lt

Website: http://www.lithuania-india.com