About Us Embassy Officials

Sl Name Designation Email ID
1. Ms. Nagma Mohamed Mallick Ambassador of India to the Republic of Poland amb.warsaw@mea.gov.in
2. Shri S.K Ray First Secretary (Pol & Com)
Head of Chancery
hoc.warsaw@mea.gov.in commerce.warsaw@mea.gov.in
3. Colonel Anupam Ashish Defence Attaché (resident in Prague) daczechrepublic.ids@nic.in
4. Mr. Vijay Khanna Attache ( Ambassador’s Office) amboffice.warsaw@mea.gov.in
5. Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Pandit Attaché (Admin) proj.warsaw@mea.gov.in
6. Ms. Seema Barla Attaché (Ambassador's Office)  amboffice.warsaw@mea.gov.in
7. Shri Gaurav Swaroop Administrative Officer accounts.warsaw@mea.gov.in
8. Shri Pankaj Garg Administrative Officer admn.warsaw@mea.gov.in
9. Ms. Anu Malik Administrative Officer cons.warsaw@mea.gov.in
10. Ms. Monika Sharma Personal Assistant Culture.warsaw@mea.gov.in

* Concurrently accredited as the Ambassador of India to the Republic of Lithuania, with residence in Warsaw