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Tender: Installation of Elevation lighting in the Embassy

Posted on: November 02, 2016 | Back | Print

Embassy of India


Invitation for Tender

Embassy of India in Warsaw hereby invites bids/offers from reputed agencies/companies for installation of elevation lighting for illumination of building and periphery fence for enhanced security of the embassy.

The work involves lighting of elevations and periphery of the Chancery. The supplier/agency is expected to provide and install energy efficient LED based lights for illumination of chancery building during dark/dusky hours. Proposals as per local practices from authorised agents are invited. On-site demonstration/discussion may be conducted on 5 & 6th December 2016. To coordinate with on-site visit and meeting, Ms Jolanta Bielecka, may be contacted as under, jola@indembwarsaw.in Tele: 225400018.

Submission of Bids: Bids clearly indicating the implementation technique, special offers/guarantee, delivery schedule and cost involved may be sent in sealed envelopes to ‘Head of Chancery, Embassy of India, 2 Myśliwiecka , 00-459 Warsaw’. “Bid for installation of Elevation lighting” should be written clearly on top of the envelope and company name with full contact/coordinates at the left bottom corner of the envelope. Original documents/proof related to certification for the work, financial soundness and experience may also be submitted.

Last Date : Wednesday, 15 December 2016(17:00 Hrs)

Documents for download: