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Tender publication CILC2D10-12cum Hyd. ShovelR-14021-22373 Dated 24.05.2021

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Tender Number: CIL/C2D/10-12cum Hyd. Shovel/R-140/21-22/373 Dated: 24.05.2021
Tender Document For the Supply, Installation and Commissioning of4 nos. of 10-12 CuM Diesel Hydraulic Face Shovels,5 nos. of 10-12 CuM Diesel Hydraulic Backhoe Shovels and 1 no. of 10-12 CuM Electric Hydraulic Face Shovel

More details are available online: https://coalindiatenders.nic.in.

The above tender document is also available in Coal India Portal (www.coalindia.in), CPPP (https:/eprocure.gov.in) and Coalindia tender Portal (https://coalindiatenders.nic.in)