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Goldman Sachs and Infosys team meets Ambassador

Posted on: September 02, 2016 | Back | Print

Press release

Goldman Sachs and Infosys team meets Ambassador

A team from Goldman Sachs and Infosys met with Ambassador Ajay Bisaria and First Secretary VSDL Surendra to discuss cooperation with the Embassy as the Goldman Sachs and Infosys team increases its footprint in Warsaw. The discussion particularly focused on recruitment of Indian professionals and the business climate in Poland.

The Goldman Sachs team included Mr. Brent Watson, Managing Director, and Mr. Justin Lee, Executive Director of the Technology Division. The Infosys team included Mr. Sanjiv Roy of the Client Services Division in the UK and Mr. Maciej Kulbat, Principal Consultant from Lodz. The Embassy will continue to proactively facilitate Indian businesses and professionals in Poland.



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