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Visit of Ambassador Nagma Mallick to IMOL, Warsaw on 4 December 2023.

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Press Release: Visit of Ambassador Nagma Mallick to IMOL, Warsaw on 4 December 2023

Ambassador Nagma M. Mallick visited the International Institute of Molecular  Mechanisms and Machines (IMOL), Warsaw on 4 December 2023 at the invitation of the  IMOL Director, Professor Agnieszka Chacinska. IMOL is a new research institute of the  Polish Academy of Sciences (PAS) founded in 2020 and the first PAS research institute in  the area of molecular and cellular biology. 

2. During her visit, Ambassador Mallick was briefed about the origin of IMOL, research  work being carried in the Institute in the fields of biological, chemical, medical,  biotechnological, bioinformatics, biophysical, pharmocological and related sciences. Group  leaders of the 11 research groups of IMOL also presented brief outlines of their respective  fields of study. She was given a tour of the Institute including laboratory facilities and  scientific equipment and instruments at IMOL. 

3. Ambassador discussed avenues for increasing institutional linkages between IMOL  and top Indian research institutions and universities in the field of molecular and cellular  biology with the Director and Deputy Directors of IMOL. She also met and interacted with 9  Indian students undertaking Post-Doctoral research and Doctoral studies at IMOL with  IMOL/EU funded scholarships. It is noteworthy that Indian researchers account for almost 

15% of the whole research team of IMOL and, thus, comprise the largest foreign research  group at the Institute.


6 December 2023