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Know India Programme for Young Overseas Indians - Latest Guidelines and FAQ

Posted on: November 03, 2023 | Back | Print

Know India Programme (KIP) is an initiative by the Ministry of External Affairs for the Indian Diaspora youth between the age group of 21-35 years.The primary objective of the KIP is to foster a closer connection between Indian diaspora youth and their ancestral homeland by augmenting their understanding of India. The Programme provides a platform for the Person of Indian Origin (PIO) youth to familiarize themselves with the contemporary India, through about three week knowledge tourism programme providing them an exposure to different aspects of the growth and development of India.

Revised guidelines of the KIP Programme may be perused here: https://kip.gov.in/home/guidelines 

Frequently Asked Questions with Answers relating to the KIP Programme is available here: https://kip.gov.in/home/faq

In order to apply please visit https://kip.gov.in/ and read the User Manual (https://kip.gov.in/assets/site/main/user-manual.pdf)