The date of submission of the application for registration as OCI cardholder by the erstwhile PIO cardholders has been extended till 30.06.2016.

Please download the official document in PDF format:

Registration of PIO cardholder as OCI cardholders


MHA link for OCI Card information



Special Permission for OCI Holders: OCI card holders are required to obtain Special Permission from concerned authorities to undertake certain activities in India. In order to make it convenient to such OCI cardholders, a separate sub-portal under the name "Apply for Special Permission (Only for OCI Cardholders)'has been created in the Online OCI webportal at https://ociservices.gov.in/welcome. 

OCI Miscellaneous services

Frequently Asked Questions [in PDF document]

Documents required to be submitted at the time of making application:

  1. Application Form: To fill up on-line registration form please visit MHA website. Part A has to be filled up on -line for each applicant of the family and Part B is common to all applicants of the family up to a maximum of four. Separate applications required for any other additional members. After submission of Part A online, a copy of Part A with an online registration number will be printed along with Part B of application form. Details in Part B can be typed or hand written in BLOCK LETTERS. In case the space provided is not sufficient, additional sheets may be used for providing requisite details. No column is to be left unanswered. Two sets of application form complete in all respects along with relevant enclosures must be submitted.

    The applicant and the spouse/parents on basis of whom OCI card is being applied has to be present for a short interview and verification of documents at the time of submission of application form.

  2. Signature: Full signature in the box should be provided in case of major and thumb impression (left hand thumb for male and right hand thumb for female) or signature in case of minor (Under 18 years).

  3. Photographs: Three photographs (Click here for photo specification) should be pasted at the place provided on the application and two additional photographs must be attached in small envelope separately. Photographs should be of light colour background (not white) with front pose, both shoulders and both ears visible.

  4. List of enclosures: Enclosures should be 2 sets of photocopies of requisite documents and each page self attested by the applicant. For minors the Parent must self attest the photocopies. When signing on the photocopies of the documents please mention as "Self Attested" and sign with name & date.

  5. Photocopies of the photo page of valid Polish Passport. If the applicant is holding any other foreign passport, photocopy of the first page, photo page, all observation pages of the passport and ID card and utility bills in Poland are required.

  6. Photocopy of the first page, photo page, last page and other pages having any observations of valid/cancelled Indian passport.

  7. Naturalization / Registration Certificate.
  8. Marriage certificate, where required.
  9. Change of name / appearance affidavit if required, by Embassy of India, Warsaw/Notary Public. (The above service is available at Embassy of India, Warsaw also with additional fee)
  10. Birth certificate from Indian Municipality or from Panchayat and full version birth certificate from appropriate authorities in case born in Poland along with English translation. For any other foreign-born applicant birth certificate must be in full version and it has to be translated in English by reputed and registered translation authority.
  11. School leaving certificate, at least Secondary School onwards.
  12. If the applicant is making application on the basis of documents of parents or grandparents, documentary proof of relationship must be enclosed.

If the supporting documents are not satisfactory applicant will be asked to provide more documentary evidence.

The processing time of application is around 6-8 weeks. Applicants are required to check their status of the application on MHA website.


PLN 1060 for each OCI application including minors

PLN 97 for misc. service like changing any details in the card and transferring visa to the new passport.

PLN 386 for issue of duplicate OCI in case of loss/damage

MHA link for OCI Card information


OCI Registration


All Valid PIO-Card Holders may now register to become OCI-Card Holder

A separate online application for issue of OCI card in lieu of the PIO card without payment of any registration fee has been devised and available at http://passport.gov.in/oci/capchaActionPIO

Initially for a period of 3 months, submission of the application for OCI card in lieu of PIO card will be voluntary. However, after the initial period of 3 months, it will be made mandatory. The persons can apply for OCI in lieu of PIO card only at http://passport.gov.in/oci/capchaActionPIO