Kathak Dance Classes by Jigna Dixit

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भारत का राजदूतावास, वार्सा
Embassy of India, Warsaw

The Culture Wing of the Embassy of India, Warsaw will be commencing regular Beginner Kathak dance classes by ICCR-deputed Kathak Dance Teacher-cum-performer, Ms. Jigna Dixit, as per the following schedule:

Days      :               Monday  & Thursday

Timings :               18:00 – 19:00 hrs

Days      :               Wednesday & Friday

Timing   :               17:00 – 18:00 hrs

All interested may please register by sending your particular along with your recent photographs at 

The classes will be conducted in the Embassy Auditorium [ul. Mysliwiecka 2, 00-459 (entry through Kawalerii Street)]

The classes will observe all holidays as per the Embassy of India, Warsaw list for 2017, which is displayed at the Embassy website.

For more information, contact: 

Culturel Wing
Embassy of India, Warsaw
Tel (+48) 22 – 540 00 16, 

Brief write-ups on Kathak Dance

Kathak is one of the ten Indian classical dance forms.  Kathak is originated from north part of India,Uttar Pradesh.  Kathak word derives from Sanskrit word “Katha’ which means story, so Kathak is one who tells the story. It has three major dance schools named Jaipur gharana, Lucknow gharana and Banaras gharana. Kathak is thrived as an oral tradition. It has been learned and delivered by one generation to another generation.

Elements of Kathak

Nritta - Pure dance, technique
Movement exercises, basic footwork Tatkar, Spins of pirouette (Chakkars),
Rhythmic patterns (Timing), Recitation of dance verses (Bols)
The virtuosity of technique and skills acquired through systematic training and practice

Nritya – Dance, rhythm and expressions
Interpretive gestures, expressions and the rendering of traditional songs and poems 

Natya - Drama
The art of storytelling, the nine sentiments of nava rasas and working with masculine/feminine energies Ardhanariswara Shiva/Shakti.

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