Scholarship Program- chance to study in Poland

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Here is your chance to study in Poland!!!
This year, Akademeia High School, an international High School in Warsaw, is offering one of the following scholarships for a student from India:
1. Akademeia’s Academic Scholarship
2. Akademeia’s Art & Design Scholarship
Prospective students can be awarded a scholarship either for 4 or 2 years.
Year 10-13 i.e. equivalent to India's 9th to 12th. Year 12-13 i.e. equivalent to India's 11th and 12th.
Application Process has already started!!!
Last Date to Apply ➡️28th Feb, 2021
The candidates can apply for the scholarship on the website of the Akademeia High School⬇⬇⬇
For more information, please contact:
Ms. Monika Heldt, Admissions Tutor, Akademeia High School
Phone No.- +48 538 052 454

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