Video Blogging Contest on the 150th Birth Anniversary Celebrations of MahatmaGandhi

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As part of the 150th birth anniversary celebrations of #MahatmaGandhi, Indian Council for Cultural Relations (#ICCR) & Uttar Pradesh Institute of Design are jointly organising a Video Blogging Contest on the theme "Weaving Traditions: Textile Relations". The Contest is open exclusively to foreign participants residing outside India. To participate, a 3-minute high resolution video focusing on unique design, traditional formulations, combinations of fabrics, floral or tribal motifs or unique embroidery of textiles, can be uploaded on ICCR's social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Twitter with the hashtag #ICCR and #WeavigTraditions. Video links along with relevant details should also be shared on the google sheet link. The three-minute video can be a running video or photos or a collage of a unique weaving textile traditions of Poland. The depiction should be narrated preferably in English or otherwise with English subtitles. Last date to submit the video is October 2, 2020.

Prize / Awards 01st Prize – US$ 500.00
02nd Prize – US$ 300.00
03rd Prize – US$ 200.00

For further details please visit and…/Video_blog_contest_on_weaving_tra…

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